Hello Again!


A formal introduction: I'm a UX designer with a BS in Biology and a former professional career in healthcare. I've moved my way up from working with lab mice to human specimens... to  finally humans! With my interdisciplinary studies, I thrive to bridge the gap between art and science.

Why the change? After working within the specialty of hematology-oncology (cancer and blood disorders), I excelled in teaching patients the complexities of health while holding space and creating empathetic connections. I want to make life and design both simple and accessible.


  • Rock Climbing - I run a silly bouldering Instagram called @t.sends
  • Vector Art - I create vector designs for boulderers on my Instagram. That's me on the left! I recently joined a group of creative ambassadors on @rockclimbingwomen (see Play tab for more details)
  • Training my cat, Mochi - He actually knows a few commands
  • Volunteering for Crisis Text Line - I assist in crisis intervention (suicide, self-harm risk, etc.) using an online platform
  • Volunteering for Hack for LA - I joined to help rebuild Access the Data in 5/2022. Currently working on finalizing their design system

Kind Words

Tiffany has proven to be not only intelligent, hard-working, reliable, adaptable and compassionate, but she has also demonstrated a prescient ability to navigate and even optimize the complexities of outpatient medical oncology services, including ambulatory clinic, infusion and research visit workflows.

On a personal level, Tiffany is a pleasure to work with. She has befriended the staff in all of our offices. Her calm and warm demeanor balances often intense and naturally chaotic clinics and emotional patient scenarios—even then she is able to use humor to lighten the mood. Tiffany has a hearty laugh, and this will help her in medicine.
- Dr. Nishan Tchekmedyian, Hematologist-Oncologist at City of Hope